This easy whipped feta cheese spread is based on the traditional Greek dip, htipiti (pronounced h'tee-pee-tee), of which there are many variations. Some are a simple blend of feta, red pepper flakes and extra-virgin olive oil. Others add fresh herbs and roasted red peppers.

But however robustly the dip is seasoned, the goal is a light texture and bright, clean flavors.

We found that getting the former was easy: Processing the cheeses (the feta is cut with cream cheese) before adding the other ingredients ensured the finished dip was smooth and light.

For the flavors, we swapped out roasted red peppers for Peppadews, a tangy pickled pepper that adds a sweet-tart kick that balances the creaminess of the cheeses. We liked garlic, but it overwhelmed when added whole. Instead, we infused lemon juice with a smashed clove.

Because the saltiness of feta can vary widely, we found it helpful to briefly soak the cheese in clean water. Sheep's milk feta packed in brine had the best flavor and texture.