We are often asked what type of cookware to purchase and whether it actually makes a difference. The answer is that it makes all the difference—a heavy multi-ply construction will provide even heating, prevent burning and give you more leeway in the kitchen so a few seconds of inattention doesn’t lead to disaster. If you have ever cooked with thin, lightweight pots and pans, you know what I mean. You can even burn oatmeal in those pans!

I would like to introduce a company, Regal Ware, that you may not know much about. They have been making cookware for more than 100 years and are based in West Bend, Wisconsin, so their cookware is made here in the USA. They just launched a new line of cookware, the 1919 collection, which is tri-ply construction with a polished finish: layers of nonreactive stainless steel are built around a core of aluminum for conductivity. The stay-cool handles are designed for comfort, and it is the cookware we use here at Milk Street and on our television show. Our kitchen director says, “I just love it. It’s heavy, durable and cooks evenly. For a kitchen that cooks all day every day, we really put it through its paces.”

The Tri-Ply 1919 Cookware Collection by Regal Ware
The Tri-Ply 1919 Cookware Collection by Regal Ware

These tri-ply pots and pans cook evenly, are highly rated for induction stovetops and have stay-cool handles.

The 1919 collection includes 21 separate pieces including saucepans, skillets, casserole pans, stock pots and the option of nonstick finishes.

The line includes four casserole pans, six skillets from 8-inch to 12-inch, seven saucepans from 1-quart to 4-quart, two sauté pans and two stockpots. The line includes both stainless steel finishes and nonstick.

Regal Ware has also announced the Christopher Kimball by 1919 line of cookware, which is 5-ply for extra weight and conductivity. These heavier pieces are also more resistant to warping and can withstand higher heat. (Pans can warp when hot pans are put into cold sinks!) The finish is easy-care brushed, and the line was designed here at Milk Street. Unlike many cookware lines, the handles are comfortable and ergonomic and remain cool during cooking.

The 5-ply Christopher Kimball by 1919 collection rates highly in conductivity, cooks evenly, has ergonomic stay-cool handles and resists warping.

This collection includes seven different pieces: three skillets, three saucepans and one stockpot.

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You can order both lines directly from Regal Ware at 1919cookware.com. If you want to cook the Milk Street way, we think these pans are a very good start.


Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street