One more one-pot dinner? Actually, we’ve got 11, and between the range of cuisines and styles, we’re willing to wager you’ll find something you haven’t made before—or at least a new version you’ll love.

Some dishes, as in 20 minute Steamed Mussels with Chorizo and Fennel, are lightening fast; while others take longer, but are well worth the wait. Whether it’s France’s one-pot take on roast chicken or Nigerian jollof, all of these dishes are well worth your time.

Steamed Mussels with Chorizo and Fennel

Coming together in just 20 minutes, this is an impressive meal that you can make on a weeknight, or for last minute guests. Fresh mussels and Spanish chorizo (our favorite brand is Palacios) are essential to the dish’s smoky character.

Ropa Vieja

This classic Cuban dish of shredded beef with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, often accented with the briny olives, translates as “old dress,”a reference to the tattered look of the shredded, slow-cooked meat. We prefer flank steak for its rich, meaty flavor and unique muscle structure.

Chicken en Cocotte

There is very little prep here, and most of the cooking is hands-off. Cooking the chicken breast side down allows the delicate white meat to gently poach in the wine while the legs bake up above, a technique that helps equalize the cooking of the white and dark meat.

Jollof Rice

For our take on the Nigerian jollof, a one-pot rice dish, we use nutty, fragrant basmati rice seasoned with paprika, curry powder and thyme. To ensure the rice cooks evenly, use a large skillet with a tight-fitting lid.

Spicy Garlic Soba with Greens

The combination of spicy, garlicky soba noodles and dark green kale yields a hearty, one-pot vegetarian meal here. We like using a buckwheat-wheat blended soba noodles, but any variety will work. Add a sunny-side up egg for good measure.

Spicy Red Lentil Soup with Coconut Milk and Spinach

This simplified spin on a Goan staple gets brightness from ginger, lime juice and spices. Split red lentils cook in minutes, making this a quick weeknight meal, while coriander, fennel and turmeric contribute complex spicing without requiring half the spice cabinet.

Rigatoni Carbonara with Ricotta

For this one-pot meal inspired by Zuni Cafe’s Judy Rodgers, we cook pasta in a minimal amount of water, concentrating the starch in it to help thicken the sauce. Be sure to avoid pre-grated Parmesan; it typically is too coarse and won’t blend well with the sauce. Also look for a good-quality ricotta cheese without stabilizers.

Soba with Miso Butter and Asparagus

This dish is a brilliant weeknight dinner for a few reasons. One, soba noodles cook up really quickly. Two, you probably have all the ingredients lying around (that, or they’re easy to find). Three, it employs a great tip for cooking asparagus evenly. Dunk the rough stalks in water first before plunging the whole spear, and you won’t overcook the head.

Turkish Beans with Pickled Tomatoes

This one-pot white bean stew is thick and savory, and spiked with bright notes from fresh and pickled tomatoes, pomegranate molasses and a handful of mint. It’s our version of an everyday meal—a staple in the buffets laid out in Istanbul’s lokantas (workmen’s restaurants)—but it is revered as a national dish, just as much as kebab.

Toasted Pearl Couscous with Chicken and Chickpeas

Palestinian maftoul, a pasta similar to pearl couscous, inspired this quick and easy one-pot meal. The wheaty flavor and aroma of the couscous is greatly enhanced by toasting until the seed-sized bits are richly browned before they're cooked pilaf-style.

Paprika-Caraway Kielbasa Soup

Sauerkraut, kielbasa and Yukon Gold potatoes simmered in a tomato- and paprika-enriched chicken broth yield a hearty, satisfying one-pot meal. If you don't have hot paprika, substitute 1¼ teaspoons regular paprika plus ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper. Serve with thick slices of buttered rye or pumpernickel bread.

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