If you struggle every Father’s Day to find the perfect gift for the dad in your life, let us at least make one thing easy on you: the menu. This Father’s Day, we suggest bold flavors in recipes where spices do most of the work for you, as in this bright, tangy barbecued chicken from South Africa, paired with refreshing sides. A margarita won’t hurt either. For dessert, tack on a Mixed Berry Crostata, free form and easier than pie.

Piri Piri Chicken

Bright, bold and saucy, this barbecue chicken recipe from Cape Town is one you’ll want to make all summer. Chili peppers add some heat but mostly flavor in a spice rub that goes under the skin and in a sauce brushed onto the chicken before, during and after cooking. You can use the grill or oven for this one.

Cilantro Rice

Serve your chicken with this colorful side. To keep the flavor and color of cilantro fresh and bright, we blend the herb with a few aromatics until smooth, then mix the puree into the rice after the grains are cooked.

Chili-Lime Melon Salad

A trip to Mexico City taught us not to overlook fruit salad, and when you try this sweet and spicy side—in which salt, chili powder and a splash of lime add depth and complexity—you’ll see why. The salad rounds out the meal nicely.

Chili-Pineapple Margarita

To drink, try this cocktail, inspired by a trip to Tulum, where the restaurant Hartwood makes its piña margarita with 36-hour habanero-steeped tequila. In our version, we take a shortcut, infusing chilies in a quick simple syrup.

Mixed Berry Crostata

Finally, for a summery fruit dessert that’s easier than pie, this is a true crowd-pleaser.

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