If you’re still looking for July 4th recipes, we’ve set the menu with some of our favorite barbecue dishes and summer sides. Try the full menu, mix and match with the alternatives below or choose just one or two dishes. You can’t go wrong.

Lemon-Lime Lacquered Grilled Chicken

The unlikely secret to the perfect glazed grilled chicken in the Philippines? Soda. Lemon-lime soda such as Sprite or 7Up, to be exact. Sticky-sweet, tangy and rich with black pepper and soy sauce, this lacquered grilled chicken is a staple Filipino street food we love for backyard grilling.

Thai Coleslaw with Mint and Cilantro

Leave out the mayonnaise for a flavorful and balanced combo of lime juice, coconut milk and fish sauce. The crunchy, acidic slaw pairs perfectly with savory meats.

Taiwanese Grilled Corn

Big-flavor ingredients—oyster sauce, rice vinegar and gochujang—and the grill transform ordinary summer corn into dish your friends and family will crave.

Sweet Fresh Corn Pudding

This adaptation of a recipe from Vivian Howard's “Deep Run Roots” that turns sweet summer corn into a light, elegant dessert—and a sturdy soufflé to boot.

If you're looking for more ideas...

We also love making skewers for a crowd. If that sounds right for your Fourth of July party, try adding or swapping in one of these recipes:

Thai Grilled Pork Skewers

These skewers are better for a few reasons. Freezing the meat for about an hour then slicing it thin makes for super fast grilling. Coconut milk keeps the meat moist and tender.

Singapore's Chicken Satay

This take on a traditional street food—one of our most popular recipes—can be made on the grill or under the broiler. Basting while cooking ups the flavor without weighing down the meat.

Grilled Garlic-Herb Shrimp

Here, a simple pure of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil does double duty. It first coats the uncooked shrimp as a quick marinade. Then, with a splash of lemon juice stirred in, it's drizzled on as a sauce after cooking.

If burgers sound more up your alley, try:

Cuban Spiced Burgers

All too often, ground meat from the supermarket is tasteless and yields a burger that’s tough and dense. Luckily, a trip to Miami taught us two clever tricks for better burgers... freeze your meat and go heavy on the spices.

Parmesan and Herb Turkey Burgers

For an alternative to red meat, these turkey burgers are a great option. To avoid dry patties, we use a panade—a hydrating binding mixture of dairy and breadcrumbs—made of mayonnaise and panko along with fresh mint, cilantro and scallions.

Garlic-Rosemary Burgers with Taleggio Cheese Sauce

Add a little decadence in with a two-ingredient cheese sauce inspired by NYC chef Ignacio Mattos. You’ll want to use it on everything.

Indian-Spiced Pork Burgers

Or, try these flavor-packed patties—a spin on a chouriço-like spiced pork sausage from Goa in southern India. They're especially delicious topped with yogurt, torn fresh mint leaves and thin slices of cucumber or tomato.

Finally, if there are certain staples that always belong on your table, we've got you covered with easy but bold twists on the classics:

Austrian Potato Salad

Skip the mayo—especially for an all-day party—and try this lighter and more flavorful recipe made with a tangy emulsion of mustard, oil and vinegar. Cooking the potatoes in chicken broth and water adds flavor and a quick simmer in the broth mellows the onion.

Lime-Pickled Cucumbers

With grated ginger and lime, these pickles—a great accompaniment to anything you’re grilling— will disappear quickly. Make enough.

White Sangria

Skip overly sweet sangria for our version, which relies on savory ingredients for balance.

Mexico City's Fruit Salad

Finally, don’t dismiss fruit salad as a boring afterthought. As this Chili-Lime Melon salad proves, a little heat and acid add depth and complexity.

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