We traveled, we ate, we learned. From Sicily to Sydney, Oaxaca to Oslo, our editors crossed the globe this year in search of bold flavors, smart technique and simple solutions. At home, here at 177 Milk Street, we taught, we learned, we tried. We tried again. The conversations kept going and the cooking never stopped.

So, with 2020 in sight, here's a look back at a few of our favorite photos that collectively make up a snapshot of the year. We hope they inspire you, like they do us, and get you excited about the year to come.

In Oaxaca, we found bold and satisfying simplicity in the everyday cooking.
Christopher Kimball's Milk Street - Travel - Cairo
On the streets of Cairo, bakeries were around every corner.

In Barbados, we learned to sauce fish twice—with fiery hot sauce.
And in Cambodia, the markets never seemed to close, observed Editorial Director J.M. Hirsch, who ate his way from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh to discover the true power of peppercorn. (Follow #MilkStreetontheRoad to go along for the ride.)
Around the globe, we were lucky to have such excellent teachers.
From Pilar Cabrera in Oaxaca
To Reem Kassis in the Galilee
And nonne around Italy. As Christopher Kimball said on a recent trip to Bologna, "They have found the secret to long life and happiness - cooking!"
Back at home, we passed on our lessons, whether it was Monday evenings with the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester at our Boston school
In our kitchen, where we discovered simple pleasures, like the beauty of alternative sugars,
Or on TV, where we covered everything from baking tips (under fold your batter) to weeknight cooking.
And speaking of weeknight cooking, we were honored to receive a James Beard Award for our cookbook Milk Street: Tuesday Nights.
We cooked
And cooked
And cooked some more.
And we may have saved the best for last. (You'll have to try it to find out.) Happy New Year to all!

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