If you’re out of flour and having trouble finding it at the store, you’re not alone. Grocery stores have been running out of flour—particularly all-purpose and bread flour—for weeks, disappointing at-home bakers looking to fill time and find comfort in the kitchen. One solution is to order online from small scale mills like Maine Grains or Anson Mills. You might also call your local bakery to ask if they have any extra on hand. Or, skip the flour altogether and try one of these great flourless desserts.

Chocolate Meringue Cookies

Whipped egg whites keep these extra-chocolatey cookies crisp and light. Crisp and airy yet richly fudgy, they are a textural triumph.

Coconut Cashew Cake

Here, we lighten traditional Burmese semolina cake by using a straightforward cake-mixing method. Toasting semolina and shredded coconut brings out their nuttiness, and soaking them in coconut milk softens their texture so the cake bakes up with a soft, plush crumb.

Spanish Almond Cake

Forget separating your eggs. This near-effortless take on a flourless cake we tried in Galicia, Spain, requires just one bowl, eight ingredients and 10 minutes work.

Chocolate-Almond Spice Cookies

These cookies are a loose interpretation of the Swiss chocolate-almond holiday cookie known as Basler brunsli. To streamline the delicious but labor-­intensive recipe, we use almond flour rather than grinding whole almonds, and make a drop cookie dough. Both changes yield a more tender cookie.

Caprese Chocolate Almond Torte

This rich, brownie-like cake from Capri, Italy, gets its texture from ground almonds and a generous amount of eggs. Calling for just six ingredients, it’s a an excellent choice for right now.

Ricotta-Semolina Cheesecake

Quit worrying about cracked cheesecake. Made with whole-milk ricotta and mascarpone, this rich, tangy and not too sweet cheesecake bakes up with a creamy texture, lightened by whipped egg whites. Semolina flour provides structure and a “crust” on the exterior. If a few cracks form, you won’t mind.

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Bête Noire

Our bête noire gets its unique, subtle complexity from a mix of orange, black peppercorn, bourbon and Angostura bitters. The flourless chocolate cake is silky-smooth with an almost custard-like texture.

Coconut-Saffron Macaroons

Cardamom and ground ginger infuse these macaroons with an alluring fragrance and flavor, while saffron adds a golden hue. They're the perfect sweet to pair with hot tea or coffee.

Italian Chocolate Custard

Cocoa, caramel and crumbled amaretti cookies (airy Italian cookies made with almond flavor), combine to make this silky Italian chocolate custard. Coffee enhances the cake’s chocolatey flavor and a bit of dark rum adds a subtle bite that balances the sweetness.

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