How would you like to take a live 60-minute cooking class from Milk Street? Now you can. We are announcing a series of live 60-minute classes taught by Rosie Gill, our director of education, and Matt Card, our food editor. Not only do they help develop our recipes, but they also have a ton of experience with both in-person and online learning.

Choose from 60-Minute Spice Master, Advanced Techniques for Vegetarians or The Art of Kitchen Improv.

You can ask questions of the teacher and other students, you can cook along (if you like), and you will receive a recording of the class with all of the questions and answers, recipes and links to other materials.

How It Works

• Classes are broadcast via ZOOM.
• You will receive a preclass prep list including equipment, ingredients and preclass prep such as turning on an oven.
• You can send questions in advance so we can cover what you want to see and hear.
• After class, you get a recording of the video as well as the chat comments. You also get links and extra recipes that come up during class.
• You can enable your camera so others in the class can see you (or not).
• You can live chat with the teacher (depending on class size) and with other students. You can also post questions on the chat board. The moderator will choose questions for the teacher to answer during class.
• We are starting with two classes per week but will expand throughout the summer.

Limited space available per class. Sign up now!

Upcoming Classes

60-Minute Spice Master with Rosemary Gill
May 28 at 5 p.m. EST | $19.95

Cooking with spices is the single easiest way to change the way you cook. You’ll learn when to choose ground or whole spices, how and why to toast and bloom spices, and our never-fail approach to blending spices. Plus you will learn the rules of combining and blending spices, no recipe needed. And during the optional cook-along, you'll test your new knowledge by making addictive Crispy Chickpeas with your own custom spice mix made during class.

The Art of Kitchen Improv: How to Make Substitutions with Matthew Card and Rosemary Gill
June 2 at 5 p.m. EST | $19.95

Be beholden to recipes no more! Join the Milk Street Cooking School team to learn our unique, easy-to-follow approach to substitutions. Starting with two versions of our substitution-friendly recipe for Moroccan Carrot Salad, we explain our substitution choices and why they work. You can cook along with us, and share your substitutions with the class, or just watch and take notes.

Advanced Techniques for Vegetarians with Matthew Card and Rosemary Gill
June 4 at 5 p.m. EST | $19.95

In a series of live online classes, you’ll learn to char for meaty flavor, sear-steam-sauce vegetables for perfect texture, infuse oils with spices, give beans a face lift, and make perfect eggs. We’ll teach you to apply a common meat-cooking technique, charring, to a vegetarian staple, beans. Matt and Rosie will make two versions of the same charred bean salad to show you that it is the technique, not the recipe, that you need to learn. You will also learn how to layer flavor, a key Milk Street technique, with spices and aromatics.

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