Karen Wang Diggs is a classically trained chef, nutritionist and author. Most importantly, she is a fanatic for home fermentation, which is why she created Kraut Source, producer of easy-to-use fermentation tools that make trying your hand at kimchi or kraut fun and stress-free. Check out Karen’s top picks from the Milk Street Store for aspiring or expert fermenters.

Namikura Yuzu Miso

"I LOVE yuzu! And this miso, made with organic soybeans, totally meets my yuzu craving while also providing the goodness of miso. I like to make a very tasty dip of this yuzu miso combined with sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and tamari."

Burlap & Barrel Flowering Hyssop Thyme

"Thyme is one of my must-have herbs in my kitchen, and this one is a very lovely addition. My next project is to add it to a batch of sauerkraut. Can't wait for the result!"

Skeppshult Cast Iron Spice Mill

"This is a very sturdy little gadget that I am looking forward to using for many years. You can choose to do a coarse or finer grind by the number of rotations, which gives me total control over the size of spices that will end up in my ferments."

Black Garlic Molasses

"Anyone who has made their own black garlic—and I have!—knows that the time that it takes is agonizingly long, so having this come in a glass bottle that I can just pour out and eat right now is making me dizzy."

Artisan Malt Vinegar

"This malt vinegar is made in a traditional manner, aged in oak barrels, and is also unfiltered and unpasteurized—all of which is really important to me, as I am a fermenter who wants live cultures in my vinegar. I like to pour it over french fries and imagine I am in a pub somewhere in Cornwall."

Japanese Pantry Yuzu Shichimi Togarashi

"I like to sprinkle this spice mixture over steamed vegetables; my next project is to add some to raw fermented daikon slices. (Plus—more yuzu!)"

Kraut Source Fermentation Lid

"And finally, I have to make a plug for the Kraut Source Fermentation Lid. fits on any wide-mouth mason jar and has an internal press to keep everything safely submerged, plus a simple airlock to keep oxygen out, while allowing carbon dioxide to be released. It’s perfect for anyone just starting to dip their toes into fermentation, since you can use it to make small batches. Pretty soon, you’ll be hooked!"

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