As simple as it is to throw together a salad, there’s often one major challenge: buying the right amount of greens. While recipes usually call for greens by volume in cups, they tend to be sold in other forms: by weight or by the bunch, head, bag or box. Plus, many recipes call for already-prepped greens. Since there’s a drastic difference in volume between whole and prepped greens, it’s especially difficult to gauge the amount you need by sight alone.

To make shopping simpler, we measured 15 varieties of greens—from frisée to collards—first prepping them, if needed, in the way they’re commonly used. We found that with loose greens, 1 ounce of greens is equivalent to roughly 1¼ cups. By comparison, lettuce heads yield approximately ½ cup chopped greens per ounce once prepped. And cabbages and endives produce roughly ⅓ cup per ounce once prepped.

Greens by Weight and Volume
GreensStarting AmountPrepped SizePrepped Volume
Baby Arugula5-ounce containerLoosely packed6 cups
Baby Spinach5-ounce containerLoosely packed6 cups
Cabbage, Napa2-pound head1/2-inch strips12 cups
Cabbage, Red/Green (Medium)2-pound headShredded12 cups
Cabbage, Savoy1 1/2-pound head2-inch pieces10 cups
Collard Greens8-ounce bunchStems stripped, 2-inch pieces8 cups
Endive5-ounce head1/4-inch crosswise slice1 1/2 cups
Frisee8-ounce head2-inch pieces8 cups
Kale, Curly8-ounce bunchStems stripped, 2-inch pieces6 cups
Kale, Lacinato8-ounce bunchStems stripped, 2-inch pieces6 cups
Lettuce, Green/Red Leaf8-ounce head2-inch pieces5 cups
Lettuce, Iceberg (Medium)1 1/2-pound head2-inch pieces12 cups
Lettuce, Romaine Heart12-ounce heart2-inch pieces6 cups
Lettuce, Romaine1-pound head2-inch pieces8 cups
Mesclun Greens Mix5-ounce containerLoosely packed6 cups