A Set-It-and-Forget-It Rolling Pin

Precision counts in baking—and not just when measuring ingredients. Unevenly rolled crusts can slump, cook irregularly or leak. Rolling out uniform pie crusts, pastries, cookies and even pasta dough is key, and the Milk Street Precision Rolling Pin makes this easy for every baker, every time. We designed this rolling pin with a set of detachable end caps that automate the thickness of the dough you are rolling. Swap between the ⅛-inch set for pie dough or the ¼-inch set for cookie dough; a third set is the same size as the pin, for freestyle rolling. The sturdy 23-inch-long beechwood pin also is laser-etched with ruler markings, allowing you to measure your dough to just the right width. Available for $69.95 at 177milkstreet.com/nd23-pin.

Burners Too Big? Put a Ring on It

Much as we love our stovetop coffee makers, too often the grates over the gas burners are too wide for them to sit safely above the flames. But in Italy, we were introduced to a simple tool that keeps the country’s ubiquitous stovetop espresso pots perfectly balanced. We especially like the Ilsa Gas Ring Reducer for its high-quality, heavy-duty cast-­iron construction that absorbs and diffuses heat evenly. It’s fantastic for making coffee, of course, but we find it’s equally useful for any small cookware. Available for $18.95 at 177milkstreet.com/nd23-ring.

The Easiest Way to Sharpen Your Blades

Few of us sharpen our knives nearly as often as needed, leaving us with dull blades that are dangerous and hamper food prep. The good news is that the Suehiro Ceramic Water Wheel Knife Sharpener makes it easy to keep knives sharp. This clever sharpener is easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone new to knife sharpening. It features a pair of ceramic whetstones set at precise angles and housed in a refillable water tank that keeps them lubricated for better sharpening. Simply fill the water tank and run the knife back and forth through the whetstones—10 or so swipes should be plenty to restore dull blades. Available for $34.95 at 177milkstreet.com/nd23-sharp.

Pot Lid Problems, Solved

A bubbling pot and a drippy lid are an annoying combination—where to put the lid without making a mess or scorching yourself? Thanks to some ingenious German engineering, we now have a solution. The stainless steel Topfi Lid Holder attaches to virtually any pot to provide a convenient and sturdy spot to rest lids when not in use. Small but mighty, it wowed our kitchen testers with its versatility. It not only corrals lids and keeps surfaces clean, it also doubles as an easy way to prop lids ajar, allowing steam to vent. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. Available for $24.95 at 177milkstreet.com/nd23-lid.

The Knife You’ll Never Want to Put Down

The best kitchen knives can be as beautiful as they are useful. That’s why we created the Milk Street Limited­Edition Premium Kitchin-to, a premium version of our tried-and-true knife with a high-end steel blade hammered in the tsuchime style (a Japanese technique that creates indentations on the knife’s surface). This gives the knife nonstick properties—the air pockets help food fall from the blade more easily. And our signature Kitchin-to ergonomic handle is recreated with a gorgeously grained cocobolo wood handle. Sustainably harvested cocobolo is a classic choice for high-end knives because of its heirloom durability and water resistance. Available for $229.95 at 177milkstreet.com/nd23-knife.

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