For Bigger Flavor and Texture, Just Add Yogurt

Yogurt Flatbreads Flavored Butter i43

With its tangy fermented flavor, yogurt serves double duty in this recipe. First, it’s a shortcut for adding a pleasant sourdough-like quality without the hassle or time needed for true sourdough. Second, yogurt’s acidity relaxes gluten development, resulting in a more tender crumb in the finished breads.

This quick whole-wheat flatbread—based on the many non-yeasted variations made across the Middle East, where they serve as both bread and utensil—cooks up particularly supple and with a tang reminiscent of sourdough thanks to the addition of yogurt. The yogurt’s acidity softens the crumb and gives the breads a bit of lift as they cook. Brush the breads hot out of the skillet with melted plain butter or with one of the simple flavored butters that follow.


Bread flour, which makes up the bulk of the dough, has a higher protein content than all-purpose and gives these flatbreads a pleasant chew. You can substitute an equal amount of all-purpose, but the breads will be less chewy. You also likely need to add a couple extra tablespoons of flour during kneading because the dough will be slightly wetter.


Make sure you don’t leave any floury bits in the bowl during mixing. All the flour must be incorporated so the dough isn't too sticky to work with. And don't overflour the counter when rolling out the rounds; excess flour will scorch in the skillet. To cook the flatbreads, you'll need a 12-inch cast-iron skillet; a 10-inch cast-iron skillet will work, too, but there will be a little less room for maneuvering the rounds when flipping them.