The One Pan That Does It All

We love cast iron for its heat retention and nonstick patina that develops over time. But most cast-iron cookware is awkwardly heavy, and getting a well-seasoned surface requires time and effort. So we created the Milk Street Everything Pan, which gives the classic cast-iron skillet a modern makeover. Designed to be a kitchen workhorse from breakfast through dinner, this 11-inch pan is engineered to maximize internal space and minimize bulk—all of which translates to better browning and greater versatility. It’s also preseasoned! After casting, each pan is tumbled smooth, then seasoned, making it slippery-­smooth right out of the box. Use it in the oven, on the stovetop or even on the grill. And because we designed our pan to be as attractive as it is rugged, you can bring it straight to the table. It comes paired with a handsome trivet made from Malaysian acacia wood. Thanks to a strong magnet inside, the trivet clings tightly to the pan for fuss-free serving. Available for $149.95 at

Summer-Ripe Tomatoes No Matter the Season

Sun-dried tomatoes rarely live up to the romance of their name. Rather than bright, sun-soaked flavors, most sun-dried tomatoes offer little more than flat, one-note acidity. But the Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes from Al Frantoio di Aldo Armato are a revelation. Harvested in Italy at the peak of summer, these cherry tomatoes are sun-dried just enough to concentrate their flavors, so each tomato stays plump, supple and juicy—unlike the shriveled, leathery options found in the grocery store. Once dried, they’re packed in fruity, high-quality olive oil, which the Armato family has produced at their Ligurian mill for five generations. Chop them or leave whole to top focaccia, mix into pasta, add to sandwiches, blend in pesto, mash into aioli, stir into ricotta or incorporate into eggs and omelets. And don’t forget to use the leftover oil: Infused with the sweet, mildly tangy and salty flavor of the cherry tomatoes, it’s amazing in vinaigrettes or for dipping bread. Available for $28.95 at

Giant Mezzaluna Cuts Pizza Best

The ultimate homemade pizza deserves the perfect slice, yet most pizza cutters aren’t up to the task of neatly slicing through chewy crusts. Enter the Boska Pizza and Cheese Rocker, which easily slices through pizza, focaccia and other flatbreads. After testing six slicers, we found this one excelled in cutting through even the thickest pizzas. The uniquely curved blade—resembling a giant mezzaluna—cuts on the first swipe, requiring less force than other cutters. It’s flanked by two oak handles, offering a comfortable grip and extra leverage when cutting. And it’s not just made for pizza. This rocker also can tackle tough-to-cut blocks of aged cheeses, with slices falling cleanly off the nonstick blade. Available for $69.95 at

So Much More Than a Stovetop Sandwich Press

The old-fashioned panini press has met its match. No bulky griddle, no cumbersome cord, no impossible-to-clean grill plates or precariously balanced weights. Made in Japan, the Wahei Freiz Stovetop Sandwich Press turns out melty, crispy sandwiches right from the stovetop in minutes. This aluminum press heats quickly, toasting your sandwich from both sides, for amazing grilled cheeses, meaty Cubanos or even gooey Nutella-stuffed creations. And this press cooks far more than sandwiches. Because it seals tight and sits flat on the burner, it sears beautifully while maintaining foods’ internal moisture. Which means, for example, it produces salmon with both shatteringly crisp skin and a juicy fillet. And because you’re flipping the device rather than the fish itself, there’s no risk of tearing its delicate flesh. Available for $55.95 (small, perfect for a standard sandwich) or $65.95 (large, suitable for bigger panini and other bulky items) at

Sprinkle Your Soy Sauce

What if your salt was more than just, well, salty? Made from freeze-dried soy sauce, Naogen Crystallized Shoyu can be sprinkled just like salt, while adding rich, complex flavor: not too salty (in fact, it contains one­sixth the amount of sodium of table salt) with a little sweetness and an almost chocolaty earthiness. These crystals can be used on anything from sushi and grilled meat to eggs, pasta or vegetables. And because the flakes have a mild sweetness behind their savory flavor, they also pair beautifully with dessert. Use a pinch to finish blondies, cookies and ice cream, or sprinkle onto anything that would benefit from a touch of flaky salt. Available for $12.95 at

Milk Street Recipe
1-2-3-4 Yogurt Cake

Get Ready to Cook

Makes One

9-inch loaf cake or 9-inch round cake

1 to 1¼ hours

15 minutes active, plus cooling

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