Stash Your Knives with Style

For two generations, the Fazzini family—through their Lombardy-­based Artelegno woodworking studio—have crafted stunning yet functional statement pieces for the home and kitchen. We especially love their “Chicane” magnetic knife block—so named for the curves that define such iconic racetracks as the Monza Circuit (home to the Italian Grand Prix). With hidden built-in magnets, these graceful swoops of sustainably sourced beechwood and walnut are an elegant way to store your knives. And the design is as clever as it is beautiful: By forgoing knife slots, this block can accommodate knives of almost any size, while the magnetic fastenings can help preserve a sharpened edge. Available starting at $255.30 at

A Lightweight, Cast-Iron Pan That Does It All

A cross between a light, fast-heating grill pan and a lidded mini Dutch oven, Aux Co.’s new Grill Dutch Oven is perfect for smaller jobs. This Japanese-made pan heats quickly for fast, efficient cooking, and its petite size means it neatly fits into a toaster oven for easy side dishes and roasted items. Made of lightweight silicone-coated iron, the pan is relatively nonstick (so no more glued-on gratins!). We use ours for casseroles and other small braising jobs. And the included roasting rack means it’s great for meats, including pork chops, chicken and salmon. Available for $59.95 at

Frozen Treats from Japan, Made Easy

Japan’s answer to the sno-cone, kakigōri is a classic shaved ice dessert typically flavored with syrups (such as matcha, strawberry and melon) and other toppings. The hallmark of this popular treat is its light, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture, achieved by shaving ice blocks into fine flakes with the help of a specially designed ice shaver. Designed with a retro look to resemble traditional hand-cranked machines, this electric kakigōri machine from Doshisha relies not on elbow grease but a 100-volt motor that powers the blade, which can be adjusted to customize the thickness of the shavings. This means that in addition to kakigōri, this gadget is also superb for other hot-weather treats, such as Hawaiian shave ice and even Korean bingsu (which swaps the ice for frozen milk). Available for $133 at

Better Than Chili Crisp?

We love how chili crisp adds spicy-­savory crunch to any dish, but what if you don’t want the spice? For that, we reach for Dong He’s fried shallots in oil, a crunchy topping that skips the heat but still adds tons of flavor and texture. Inspired by the fried shallots common in Chinese and Taiwanese cooking, this version combines crispy bits of sweet-savory allium, a bit of salt, a hint of sugar and plenty of richness and umami. Use it as a topping (like chili crisp) for practically anything: noodles, rice, eggs and just about any meat or vegetable. We even like to sprinkle it on bowls of chowder and Italian pastas. And don’t forget about the oil—use it for dressings and sauces, or as a finishing drizzle to breathe new life into leftovers. Available for $19.95 at

The Knife You Need for the Big Jobs

Most knives just can’t handle dismantling a chuck roast, cleanly shredding cabbage and splitting chicken legs. And those that can often are heavy and clumsy. That’s why we created a knife as powerful as a standard cleaver, yet as comfortable as a chef’s knife. The result: the Milk Street Cleaver, an all-purpose knife suited for anything from chopping vegetables to butchering big cuts of meat. Lightweight and measuring an inch shorter than the average cleaver, our knife provides a nimbler experience. And we’ve improved on the basic rectangular blade shape: Ours arcs inward at the heel for better handling, while the knife’s edge gently curves tip to heel, making for a natural slicing and chopping motion. And its embossed file pattern creates a nonstick surface by trapping air in the grooves, so foods fall cleanly from the blade. Available for $99.95 at

These Rare Beans Make Better Chocolate

Meurisse chocolate, Belgium’s oldest chocolatier, has been creating confections for 180 years. Made with cacao sourced from Papua New Guinea, Meurisse’s dark chocolate (boasting a 73 percent cacao blend) offers deep, roasty undertones and subtle citrusy notes. Try it sprinkled with Himalayan salt, which draws out the cacao’s fruity nuances. Or caramel-almond, for crunch and toffee sweetness. And their extraordinary caramel-sea salt chocolate balances the deep, dark cacao blend with savory salinity. Four-packs available for $44.95 at

A Jolt of Flavor!

Cooks around the world rely on simple solutions to enhance their food with jolts of umami. For some, it’s MSG or Maggi Seasoning; for others, it’s kombu or fish sauce. At Milk Street, we spent more than a year refining our own solution to create Milk Street Flavor Jolt, a blend of umami-­rich seasonings that delivers big, savory richness.

Milk Street Flavor Jolt starts with dried tomatoes, carrots, garlic, onion and umami-packed mushroom powder. Red miso powder brings assertive savory flavor while earthy turmeric, mustard and paprika add warmth. Finally, our secret weapons—shio koji powder and asafetida—impart rich, pleasant funkiness. The result elevates and amplifies anything you put it on. Beef is richer; carrots are sweeter and brighter.

Dust it over finished dishes or blend with salt to season vegetables and rub onto steaks, chops and roasts. Or combine with butter, Parmesan and tomato paste for an easy, full-flavored pasta.