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This toss-in-the-pot, vegetal bowl of asparagus is the brighter, lighter answer to the typically heavy barley soup. ⁠

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The niftiest cooking tool ever: the lightweight Turkish stovetop veggie grill fits on your burner, goes in the dishwasher, and makes no mess.

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Peels Like Butter

Meet the last peeler you'll ever need. Our wildly popular precision peeler is everything the old, junky peeler is not—safe, easy to clean, and slices fast enough to cut prep time in half.

We designed a bread knife that saws through the toughest loaf like butter.

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A cross between Japanese vegetable knife and a Chinese cleaver, the Kitchin-to minces, chops, slices, push-cuts, and scrapes everything off the cutting board.

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Five to Make Ahead

An elegantly airy souflée that can be frozen up to a week in advance.

Extra-tender ricotta dumplings, from a simple food processor dough.

A shocking amount of spinach replaces basil in this bright, fresh pesto.

This high-impact salsa verde, stored up to a day in advance, makes quick work of steak dinner, chicken, fish, and sandwiches.

Make a batch now, thank yourself next month.

Five to Change the Way You Cook

This rich chocolate pie with a sandy crust comes from the coastal town of Yelapa, Mexico, where pies are eaten by hand on the beach.

The ultimate hefty veggie main.

Tahchin: rice is loaded with chicken thighs, baked, and flipped upside down for an all-over crispy crust.

Consider this coconut milk-poached chicken your introduction to simple power of aromatic lemongrass.

This non-dairy, fresh green soup from Zagreb gets surprisingly creamy texture from zucchini simmered with toasted pumpkin seeds.

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We designed a bread knife that saws through the toughest loaf like butter.

Word on the (Milk) Street

This week: roast beef sundaes, butter cows, and the world's ugliest cake.

Why did my bundt cake fall?

Baking expert Cheryl Day's joining Milk Street Radio to answer your Thanksgiving baking questions! Send them to

FROM THE LATEST ISSUE: J.M. Hirsch is served a breakfast of elegantly simple, tangy roasted eggplant in the Jordanian desert.

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Popular This Month

Mushrooms so meaty, you’ll barely tell that this pasta is meatless. Top with a spoonful of creamy chive ricotta.

Throw in a leftover Parmesan rind and use up some canned cannellini beans for extra-savory broth in one of our favorite crusty-bread soups.

Have you made flatbread lately? Give this one a try—it uses no yeast, just baking powder, so it comes together in minutes, cooked in a cast iron skillet.

This upside-down pizza—baked with dough on top—emerges from the oven with a browned crust, crisp bottom, and ingredients melded with the dough.

Almost impossibly crispy and creamy at the same time.

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Wed, Oct 5, 6pm EDT

Hannah Che, author of "The Vegan Chinese Cookbook,” teaches us to use tofu as the versatile, delicious ingredient that it is.

Tue, Oct 4, 6pm EDT

Here’s what good gnocchi should be, according to guest chef Odette Williams: “little pillows of heaven.” With few ingredients, perfect homemade gnocchi is all about technique.

Thurs, Oct 6, 2022, 6pm EDT

Andrew Janjigian, creator of the popular blog Wordloaf, teaches us the secrets to matnakash—perfectly fluffy Armenian flatbread.

Wed, Sept 28, 6pm EDT

Chetna Makan, author of “Chetna’s Easy Baking: With A Twist of Spice,” is here to give pear tart and stuffed yogurt flatbreads a warming boost.

Weds, Sept 28, 6pm EDT


Our custom knives combine elements of traditional Japanese and Chinese design—do-it-all tools that cut prep time in half.

Old, junky peelers slow you down, are hard to clean—not to mention, unsafe! Our precision peeler does the work, fast, on even the softest fruits and toughest veggies.

From an Italian maker famous for their wood-fired pizza ovens, this pizza stone is the real deal—it heats quickly and gets a crisp crust, every time.

These all-in-one tongs are one of the handiest tools we have—one spoon side, one strainer side, and deft tips that handle the most delicate bits.

This bestselling Liquid Shio Koji is a use-everywhere solution to balance salty, savory and sweet notes in any dish.

From the Sept-Oct 2022 Issue
Fresh stories and recipes from Thailand, Colombia, Palestine and more.

"His manner with the wok verges on abusive, destroying five a week, sometimes as many as 25 a month."

Greek apple cake (milopita) proves that you needn't rely on frosting for flavor—here, fragrant orange, apple cider syrup, warming spice, and honey permeate the crumb. ⁠