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Curated, hand-picked items from around the world.

Move this Deep-Dish Quiche with Mushrooms, Bacon and Gruyère from the latest episode of Milk Street TV to the top of your to-do list.

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Try this winner from our newest cookbook. For ease and less cleanup, we cook the pasta directly in the sauce, which is made with tomatoes, garlic and pepper flakes.

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Almond paste—not marzipan—makes our version of apfelkuchen so tender it's almost creamy.

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The Greek chef gives us a masterclass in seafood, explains why fish heads are delicious and tells us stories of her fisherman father.

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A focaccia recipe from Bari, Italy inspired Christopher Kimball to make a crazy, mixed-up pourable pizza dough that really works.

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Yuzu Salt, Ginger Syrup, Spicy Peanut Butter and more!

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From the makers of our bestselling Whole Preserved Lemons, Casablanca Market’s Preserved Lemon Puree is easy to use everywhere due to its silky texture.

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Change the Way You Cook

Milk Street's easy but flavorful recipes, sourced from around the world, highlight bold combinations of ingredients that will change the way you cook.

Here at Milk Street, we want to change the way you cook. If you want to have more fun - and more success - in the kitchen, join us at Milk Street.

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Milk Street TV

On the newest episode of Milk Street TV, we turn on the oven and bake this buckle, a gravity-defying quiche and fresh corn soufflé.

Milk Street Radio

The former commercial fisherman shares his journey, from knife fights to kelp farming.

Milk Street Magazine

For a game-changing layer cake with a fuss-free filling, check out the latest issue of Milk Street Magazine.

Milk Street Cooking School

Master 4 different cuts, learn when to choose each one and forget marinades. Take our free class on steaks, then explore the rest of our classes!


Big flavors. Simple techniques. Over 250 ways to reinvent dinner.

Soup Season
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In Tunisia, a bright, rich chickpea and harissa soup is a midnight snack. And breakfast.

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What's the secret to soups that are cozy and warming without being over-the-top heavy and wintry? Herbs.

Change the Way You Cook With these Milk Street Favorites

Store, protect and display your kitchen knives in style.


Beyond a mouth-tingling sensation, this spice also adds piney, citrusy flavor and is essential for Sichuan cooking.


This smooth alternative to your everyday vinegars has a sweet-savory balance and balsamic-like richness.


Our 5-quart, carbon-steel, flat-bottomed wok heats quickly and distributes that heat evenly for uniform cooking.


Unlike box graters, this cup-shaped grater catches food as it grates for easier measuring and less mess.


Made with umami-rich gochujang and soy sauce and balanced by savory-sweet flavors.


This durable and expandable cotton mesh bag is designed to accommodate your largest grocery hauls.


This deep, complex oyster sauce is made with premium smoked oysters and no artificial colors—just robust, savory flavor.


Swirls of chocolate create an especially soft, smooth and decadent halva.


Available in a wide range of sizes, these flexible silicone lids tightly seal bowls and containers.

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To achieve just the right amount of earthy flavor and an undercurrent of spicy heat in this Slavonian-Style Shepherd's Stew, we use both sweet and hot paprika for bold pops of flavor.

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In this recipe for Rossejat de Fideus—like paella with noodles—we toast capellini, or angel hair pasta, to enhance its nutty-wheaty flavor, then simmer it in chicken broth, not water.

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In this simplified version of Tuscan fagioli uccelletto, sage—sautéed, fried and infused—elevates the dish.

Buckle Up

These individual desserts bake up with a gooey sauce beneath a layer of rich, tender cake.

Small Bites from Milk Street

You have to hear the actor and restaurant owner on our radio show. Get a peek in these excerpts.

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It's foil packet time.

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“Joy and celebration can be very radical gestures.” — DeVonn Francis, Yardy

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Consider this your cheat sheet on time and temperature, whether you're roasting carrots or cauliflower. Print, bookmark, commit to memory.


From 4,000-year-old tablets. a thoroughly modern stew.

A French baker's whipped white ganache reimagines a stunning layer cake.

High-flavor ingredients create a surprisingly rich vegetarian gravy.

Milk Street Tips

We tested unlined versus aluminum foil and parchment paper and got a surprising answer.

When searing or frying, it’s a pressing matter.

The new design was built to hold its shape when baked but melt in your mouth.


In Croatia, simple additions transform beef stew and mashed potatoes.

These crispy fried cutlets get rich flavor from a surprise ingredient: ghee.

Fast and simple, passatelli deserves your attention.

Milk Street Store

Sweet, savory & made from a family recipe.

Made with food-safe silicone that can form a spout on any part of the rim.

Swirls of chocolate create an especially soft, decadent halva.

Friends of Milk Street

Find out what the cookbook author uses on everything.

The author who literally wrote the book on quick weeknight meals shares tips.

Take notes from Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of Honey & Co.

In the News

Kimball talks COOKish and 3 simple tips for adding flavor to chicken.

Join events with bookstores around the country.

Our Harissa-Spiced Cauliflower Almond Soup demonstrates the power of the garnish.

Find your local station, watch on our site or watch on YouTube.


Italian design firm Artelegno uses sustainably sourced wood to make these beautiful, individually crafted knife blocks, which combine the safety of magnetic knife bars with the attractiveness of wooden knife blocks. Store, protect and display your kitchen knives in style: Hidden, built-in magnets that firmly hold blades in place without making them difficult to remove, Artelegno's open design gives it a contemporary, sculptural look.

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