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Ice cream using your Pistacchiosa

I just received my jars of Pistacchiosa for your store and was wondering if they it could be used for making pistachio ice cream. If so, what type of base would you recommend, and any suggested proportions would be appreciated.




  • Hi Eileen - Thanks for purchasing from our store. We can't get enough of that Pistacchiosa Spread. I love it straight out of the jar, but it's even better spread on toast with a little honey, sea salt, and ricotta cheese. We haven't developed an ice cream recipe with it yet (we should!) but David Lebovitz, who has been a guest on our radio and TV shows, made a gelato using a similar spread. It's not the exact same brand we sell in our store but it's probably a good place to start. David is not only a friend of Milk Street but he wrote a book on ice cream, so we would consider him a pretty reliable expert! Here is a link to his recipe -

    Good luck and let us know how you like it! Best, Lynn C.

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