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Glogg Swedish Spiced Wine - how long can you store it?

We made your recipe for Glogg on the weekend (it's the depths of winter here in Australia!) and it was a HUGE hit. Absolutely delicious! I was wondering how far in advance you can make the finished product and whether it can be stored for any period of time (perhaps to give as a hostess gift?). Would love to be able to keep some on hand - even if it was storing the syrup in the freezer.


  • Hi Nichola - Thanks for writing to us all the way from Australia! Our recipe for Swedish Spiced Wine recommends keeping the syrup separate from the wine so you can tailor the sweetness to each person's preference. The syrup can be kept in an airtight container for up to a month. The brandied raisins can be kept for up to a week as is or, if you continue adding brandy, weeks longer. There are definitely sources out there that say you can leave the Glogg - rebottled in clean wine or liquor bottles - to age for months or even years (!). We haven't tested this and I would be concerned that the flavor of the wine, once opened, exposed to the air, and rebottled, would be compromised. I probably wouldn't recommend freezing the syrup. Although the brandy won't freeze, the lemon juice and water and any remaining particles of zest, fig, ginger, and raisin that snuck through the strainer will. This creates a slushy texture to the syrup. Once this thaws, the ice crystals will melt and dilute the syrup's flavor and texture. Hope that helps! Best, Lynn C.

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