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Nakiri knife - how to sharpen

I got the Nakiri knife a few weeks ago and love it. Can I sharpen it on a Chantry knife sharpener? It is a sharpener with two stationary steels crossed together that you run the knife through. I use it on my chef's knife regularly but wasn't sure about the thin blade of the Nakiri.


  • Hi Maureen - First, let's talk about steeling (also called honing) vs. sharpening. Although the Chantry Knife Sharpener is marketed as a sharpener, it is really a honing device made up of two butcher's steels. Unlike sharpening, which removes metal from the edge, steeling is really aligning the edge in a less aggressive manner. A properly steeled edge has the knife edge in alignment so the edge cuts in a nice fine line. Because its purpose isn't to remove metal from the edge, it cannot take a dull edge and refine it to a new sharpened edge. Steels will re-align an already sharp blade but won't actually sharpen a dull blade.The purpose of the Chantry Steel is to keep your knives sharp so you don't have to sharpen them as frequently. Ideally you would periodically send your knife to a professional to sharpen or use a whetstone and then maintain the blade using your Chantry or a honing steel. Either way, you can't use the Chantry (or any other single-slot knife sharpener) on Asian knives. Asian knives require a different honing angle than European chef's knives. European knives are honed to 18 to 20 degrees whereas Asian knives are honed to 15 to 17 degrees. At Milk Street we recommend the Kitchen IQ Angle Adjust or the Chef's Choice Pronto Pro for easy at-home sharpening of different styles of knives because they offer different slots for different honing angles. Thanks for writing in! Best, Lynn C.

  • Thank you Lynn. I will not use the Chantry and check out ordering one of those options - so helpful to have your recommendations! I realized a knife I've used the Chantry on for years is my Messermeister Santoku knife. I have used it on this knife for years. I see know that is more of an Asian knife - it says it is Japanese style and should probably also be sharpened at an Asian angle. I have had it professionally sharpened, but its been several years. Thanks for the great lesson on knives and angles!

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