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Implications of glass versus metal baking pans for quick breads and for bars

Hi, I recently started baking bars and quick breads regularly and they are turning out wonderfully. My only hitch has been that my bake times need to be much longer than recipes indicate (e.g. 30 minutes longer for brownies, about 15 minutes longer for banana bread). I finally figured out that it is because I am using glass pans. That is just what I have in my kitchen. Now I am considering getting metal pans for faster baking. My question is: since my quick breads and bars have been turning out so well, will I possibly sacrifice anything by switching to metal? Or will I just gain faster bake times? Are there any relative advantages of glass pans for this kind of baking? Just wondering before I invest in some new pans and make the switch. Thanks for any insight.



  • Hi Marissa - First I would say, "don't mess with perfection!" :-) If you are loving the way your bars and breads are turning out, I would keep doing what you're doing and continue baking them in your glass pans. Glass is an insulator. This means that it's slower to heat up but will hold heat longer. This is why it's taking longer to bake your brownies and banana bread than recipes suggest. The downside is that it takes longer for the center to cook so the edges may overcook before the center is baked through which can cause the sides to rise higher than the center. I find that, especially with baked goods, personal preferences are wildly varied. So, while most experts and professionals would say that a metal pan is the preferred choice, you may prefer results in a glass baking dish. If you do decide to make the switch to metal, choose a light-colored aluminum pan which will offer more consistent heating and browning. Hope this helps! Best, Lynn C.

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