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Making your own kimchi

Milk Street has several recipes that use kimchi. I've been making kimchi at home for years and have found that while it's easy to make, the texture and flavor can vary noticeably depending on the ingredients and preparation. My kimchi works well in some Milk Street recipes, but not as much in others.

What recipe and fermentation methods does Milk Street use when making kimchi?


  • Hi Micah - We don't have a recipe for kimchi at Milk Street (yet!). Our recipe developers generally use store-bought kimchi. Since we go through so much of it on a regular basis, they don't typically have time to wait for it to ferment. I spoke to our Head of Recipe Development to see if they use a particular brand or style, but she said they use all different kinds. However she did say they typically use kimchi that is more mild, not spicy. Hope this helps! Best, Lynn C.

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