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Salted Peanut and Caramel Tart

I'm allergic to peanuts. Do you think other nut butters might work, such as cashew or almond?


  • Hi Gregory - Thanks for your question. We haven't tested this recipe with other nut butters, but I would imagine cashew butter would work fine. Cashews and peanuts have a similar fat percentage and, therefore, would behave similarly. That being said, cashews are much more mild in flavor than peanuts so I wonder if the overall flavor of the tart would suffer. I'm not as sure about almond butter. Almonds have a bit more fat than peanuts. Since the texture of this filling is so delicate, I would be concerned that it would be compromised using higher-fat almond butter. What you could try is substituting cashew butter for the peanut butter in the filling and almonds for the peanuts in the topping to see if the flavor might be more balanced than simply using cashew butter and cashews. Hope this helps! Best, Lynn C.

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