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Pressure Cooker

Can you provide a pressure cooker version of recipes, as applicable. Need to save time on long slow cooked meats, i.e. pork shoulder, chuck etc.

if not, how best to convert


  • Hi Richard - Some of our recipes converted to the pressure cooker - plus many more new pressure cooker recipes - will be available in our new cookbook, Milk Street Fast & Slow, due in April 2020. Look for it in the Milk Street Store in early April! Best, Lynn C.

  • Could the Tuscan Beef and Black Pepper Stew be made in a pressure cooker?

  • Hi Aislinn - Yes! The recipe will need to be modified though. We do have a pressure cooker version of the recipe in our cookbook Milk Street Fast & Slow coming in April. In the meantime, you could experiment with converting this to the pressure cooker. First, I’m guessing you will need to reduce the amount of beef to fit in a standard-sized pressure cooker. In turn, I would reduce the amount of pepper and salt accordingly. Second, a pressure cooker requires some liquid in the pot at the start so you will need to add either some of the wine (it shouldn’t impact the beef as much as in the original since it cooks so fast), beef broth, or water. Third, since there will be no evaporation in the pot, you may need to thicken the cooking liquid with a flour or cornstarch slurry to achieve a more stew-like texture. Finally, this will obviously take less time in a pressure cooker. I would consult your machine’s manual to find a timeframe that lines up with this recipe (most manuals come with sample recipes for beef stew and/or standard times for cooking chuck roast). Hope that helps! Best, Lynn C.

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