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Hi! I am a family of two and am researching a new set of cookware. Things have changed a lot since my last stainless steel set ten years ago. Is there an article or comparison or review for a good set at a reasonable price? Is there a non stick set that can handle metal utensils??


  • Hi - I always recommend, when purchasing cookware, to just buy the pieces you use the most. Generally speaking, cookware sets aren’t cost-effective since they often include pieces you don’t need/use and are missing more useful ones. I would advise evaluating what you use most often and simply replacing those pieces. None of the traditional nonstick pans can handle metal utensils but a carbon steel pan can. Carbon steel, when seasoned properly and regularly, can develop as nonstick a surface as any traditional nonstick pan and is much more durable and resilient. Please visit our store to see some of the cookware we use here at Milk Street:

    Good luck! Best, Lynn C.

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