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Bête Noire

I made the Bête Noire last night in a test run for next week. It's delicious. One question, though. Do you have any suggestions for removing the torte from the springform pan? It's lovely looking but I made a mess of it trying to remove the bottom of the pan once I remove the sides, and trying to get the parchment paper off as well. Should it come off easily? Mine was stuck on there pretty well. Do you leave the paper on when setting it out on a serving plate? When I've used the springform for other things I usually turn upside down to remove the bottom, but that obviously wouldn't work in this case. Thanks!


  • Hi Tom - We recommend leaving the torte on the pan bottom and transferring the whole thing to a serving plate or cake pan. Trying to remove the whole cake from the pan proved to be an impossible task. This is not uncommon when using springform pans for cheesecakes. The parchment paper should hopefully stick to the pan bottom and you can go under the torte itself with a pie server to remove individual slices. Hope this helps! Best, Lynn C.

  • Yes to Lynn C.'s recommendation to leave the Bête Noire tart on the pan bottom. I just made the recipe yesterday and removed the sides and served the tart on the pan-bottom. The parchment paper mostly stuck right to the pan bottom and the few scraps that wanted to come with the slices were easy to slip off. What a delicious dessert this is, by the way!

  • Thanks for providing some first-hand experience, Emily! Best, Lynn C.

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