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Milk Street cookbook "The New Rules"

I have the Milk Street Cookbooks (2018 and 2019) as well as the "Tuesday Nights" book. Does this new one, "The New rules" contain anything different or is it the same recipes in a different package? If it is different recipes, I would love to buy it, just not sure. Thanks!


  • Hi Clifford - Thank you for being a loyal customer of Milk Street! The New Rules cookbook features over 190 recipes and 75 new rules to simplify your time in the kitchen and improve your results. Some of the recipes may be familiar to you from our other cookbooks, but the vast majority of these are brand new recipes created to illustrate our new rules for how to cook, each driven by a powerful new tip, trick, or technique. I would add that even if some of the recipes are familiar they may be expanded upon or presented in a new way in this cookbook. Consider it our playbook for the Milk Street method of cooking! Best, Lynn C.

  • Bought it! Really like it. It has some of the recipes I saw on the web site the past few months as well. I have too many cookbooks, I know! But Milk Street is by far my favorite for the last year and half, since I discovered the site!!

  • Hi Clifford - Glad you are enjoying The New Rules and Milk Street. We truly appreciate your support. Be on the lookout for a couple more new books in the coming year. Best, Lynn C.

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