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Making Pizzelle with almond vs wheat flour?

How do you have success at making a GF/Paleo pizzelle? Have been trying (unsuccessfully) off and on for the least 2 weeks UGH! subbing almond and arrowroot flours for the wheat, tried one recipe that called for baking soda (vs powder in wheat flour recipe), tried a hotter and cooler press and longer and shorter cook times - any ideas?!? TIA!


  • Hi Leanne - I've had the best luck with a lot of gluten-free baking using a blend of gluten-free grain flours, starches and gums. You can make your own, but King Arthur's Measure for Measure, Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free 1-for-1 and Cup4Cup (which was developed at The French Laundry) are all very successful in replacing wheat flour cup for cup. No single gluten-free flour behaves like wheat flour so a blend is a must. Most blends include a combination of white and brown rice flour (which have the best combo of protein, starch and flavor), some combination of starches - such as tapioca and potato starch - and xanthin gum. Almond flour is a great substitute when you're looking to add tenderness, such as in tea cakes, muffins, and pancakes due to its higher fat content but its lack of structure can be detrimental to things like cookies, layer cakes, and yeast breads where rise, chewiness, and crispness are key factors. In the case of pizelle cookies, where you are looking for some crispness and chew, a gluten free blend with starches and xanthin gum that can mimic those textures would be better. Hope that helps! Best, Lynn C.

  • Hi Lynn, Thanks for your reply. I tried the Bobs Red Mill Paleo Flour Mix with little success as well. Have been trying to avoid the rice flours, as hubby is Paleo. Seems like, as you describe in your comment, that the almond flour lacks structure and has more fat than wheat flours, so the batter seems to 'boil' in the press and even when super-coating it with ghee (or Olive oil spray) it sticks and over-browns. Even at a variety of temps and cook times. If Milk Street comes up with a Paleo Pizzelle Recipe, hubby and I will be happy campers (and pizelle eaters!). Leanne

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