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Flavor Mill Flavoring

I have always used these flavorings and now that they are no longer in business I am unable to find an ORANGE flavoring that is comparable.

Any suggestions?

I have tried all the popular brands and wonder if there may be an off brand that I can try??

I am not able to attach a pic???


  • Hi Joan - I'm not familiar with Flavor Mill Flavorings, but some pastry chefs I know (including my sister!) recommend Bickford Flavors. Have you tried their extracts? They've been around forever and don't use alcohol, sugar, or salt in any of their flavorings so the flavor is more natural. They also offer both water and oil-soluble flavorings. For most applications - cakes, cookies, frostings, jams - water-soluble flavorings are fine. If you're working with chocolate you would want to choose an oil-soluble extract since the introduction of water could cause the chocolate to seize. Depending on what you're using the orange flavoring in, you could also try fresh orange zest and juice. At Milk Street we like to process or mix fresh zest with sugar to releases the oils in the rind. This then coats the sugar and adds orange flavor throughout. Best, Lynn C.

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