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Pickled Mustard Seeds

Hi! I recently made the Avocado Salad with Pickled Mustard Seeds and Marjoram Vinaigrette and have a lot of pickled mustard seeds left over. Wondering what some of your favorite uses are for the leftovers. Thanks!


  • Hi Samantha - Great question! I'd say you can use pickled mustard seeds anywhere that mustard might be appropriate. On eggs (especially great on deviled eggs or in egg salad), in soups and stews, in sandwiches (I like to mix them into mayonnaise), with sautéed greens, in marinades. They are especially good with fatty meats such as pork butt, Chuck roast, or pork belly -the heat and acidity really balances the richness. I think they would also be great on our Baked Salted Salmon with Dill, either along with the pickled cucumbers or even in place of them. Best, Lynn C.

  • Thank you, Lynn! This is great!

  • I like the pickled mustard seeds in grilled cheese, especially with Swiss like Gruyere or Comte. Or trying stirring into corned beef hash at the last minutes (or any other hash--I make smoked trout hash frequently). Mix into softened butter with some thyme to toss with vegetables or dollop on steak.

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