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Can't have alcohol in recipes

I live in an alcohol-free home, which makes following many of the recipes I want to try a challenge. Is there a decent substitute for sherry or wine in most of these recipes that call for alcohol?


  • Hi Elspeth - Some of this depends on what the recipe is and how the wine or sherry is being used. In most cases, though, I would recommend verjus. Verjus is a great alternative to wine since it is the pressed juice of unripened grapes. (It comes from the French, “vert jus,” which means green juice.) I would use it when white wine is called for in a recipe (for example, to deglaze a pan). A combination of beef broth and a little vinegar or lemon juice can mimic the flavor of red wine and apple cider has a similar flavor profile to dry sherry. Happy cooking! Best, Lynn C.

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