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Allergy to Allium family

My grown daughter has recently developed an allergy to anything in the onion family. I’m a total foodie and love to cook. I seek out recipes that don’t include onions and garlic when I cook for her but it’s challenging. Is there anything you’d suggest to replace them in favorite recipes?


  • Hi Cody - For a mirepoix (carrots, onion, celery), you could try adding fennel. Definitely *not* onion, but could at least add a different flavor component. In India they use a very potent ground spice called asafoetida, or hing, which has a similar flavor to garlic when sautéed in butter or ghee. You can purchase it online at The Spice House or on Amazon. Using a lot of flavorful herbs and spices can also add a great deal of flavor so you won't miss the onions and garlic. Best of luck! Lynn C.

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