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pizza crust

I have made you pizza crust twice now, and I can't seen to get the same consistency as in the online video. Mine seems dryer, for lack of a better term. I have weighed my ingredients and let it rest the full 20 minutes. Any suggestions?


  • How old is your flour? I once made a cake with 3-year old flour and it turned out poorly. Also, you might be using a bread flour with an unusually high protein percentage - the higher the protein, the more water you will need to add. (Bread flour absorbs more liquid than AP.) Also, when working with doughs including pie dough, biscuit dough and bread doughs, the amount of liquid is never precise. You have to look at and feel the dough as it is being mixed - if it feels a bit dry - it should be sort and malleable - just add more water by the tablespoon until it looks right. This is one case when measurements are not precise - you have to use your senses to make a final decision. And buy new flour if yours is old!

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