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Diner Style Home-fried Potatoes

I love nothing more than a greasy diner breakfast with home-fried potatoes, and recently I have discovered my favorites. They seem to be precooked and then thickly sliced and maybe smashed a bit then fried on the griddle with ample amounts of oil. Unfortunately, I have digestive issues with some of the oils these diners use. I have tried to recreate these potatoes at home, but haven’t come close. How are these potatoes precooked- parboiled? Baked? What is the best kind of oil to use? Any other pointers to create this greasy treat?


  • Our local diners have a pan of melted butter on the grill that I'm sure ends up more of a clarified butter and a generous amount is used. If you don't want to clarify your own butter (although it's easy) you can buy ghee. Also, they do parboil the potatoes and keep them warm in the oven until more are needed so they probably dry out a bit allowing the potatoes to crisp up nicely on the grill.

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