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Searching for the recipe for 'Ballon' rolls

I had these for breakfast in Geneva when traveling through France and Switzerland in the '70's. I remember getting them in the morning at a bakery near the train station. Every time I went through Geneva, I would get them.

They were very light with an open crumb and had a wash that made the crust "squeak" when broken open. There was no sweetness, but with butter, cherry preserves, and cafe au lait, they were a perfect breakfast.

I've looked for a recipe to recreate them but never seem to find quite the right thing. Everything that I've tried is too dense or doesn't form the correct crust. It may all just come down to technique, but it would help to narrow down the proper flour, yeast vs. sourdough starter, and hydration level to start experimenting. I suspect it is just flour, yeast, salt and water, with some sort of wash, but how they are assembled escapes me.

Any pointers to a recipe or suggestions as to technique would be appreciated

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