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Stainless Steel Skillets

Good Evening -

I have a wonderful set of heavy bottomed stainless cookware, which I have had and enjoyed for many years. The exception is the skillet, when I use it almost always food sticks. So I end up with my cast iron, not a real problem there, or the non-stick pan. Is there a way to season it like you do cast iron to prevent this issue. Thank you.


  • Not really - food will stick to stainless steel. BUT, you should check whether the bottom of your pan is perfectly flat - over time, most skillets will start to warp, developing a high spot in the middle. This means that the oil or butter will end up around the perimeter and the center will be dry. Another trick is to be sure to use enough oil - if you watch a wok-chef, they use a lot of oil in cooking and very little of it actually ends up in the food but it keeps the food from sticking. If your skillet is warped, throw it out and buy a new one but do not put a hot pan into a cold sink or cold water - that's the cause of warping.

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    If they're warped contact the manufacturer if they have a lifetime warranty. I think Chris recommended buying All-Clad non-stick skillets for exactly that reason, they may cost more up front but when they stick you can just send them back for a replacement.

  • My set is All-Clad, which is something that I take care of very well. Just issues with the skillet. Thanks for the input and information from Staff.

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    I have an old set of Calphalon stainless I picked up on clearance some 20 years ago. I've had the same problem with a few of my pans over the years. When this happens, forgive me, this might be frowned upon, but I have used a scouring pad or light steel wool to scrub the inside of the pot or pan. It was mentioned before, never put a hot pan in cold water! Another method I've used is to bring water up to a simmer, dump out the water and use the abrasive side of a two sided sponge. Seems to get some of that hidden gunk that tends to make it sticky. Of course, don't burn yourself. I will one day upgrade to All-Clad, but for now? I just can't quit my trusty ol' Calphalons.

    Hope this helps, and for heavens sake, be careful!


    The metal has microscopic wedges that will cause food to “stick”...

    heating the pan causes the metal to expand...

    add oil after pan is heated

  • I love my All Clad pans that seem to gt better after 20 t0 30 years of use.Some others are very good,too.Demeyer. I actually prefer not super hot sauteing.The tip of a warped pan is priceless!

  • Thanks for the information about the All clad replacement policy. I have a skillet that is warped and now know what to do.

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