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Making a piecaken.

“It’s just baking a pie inside a cake layer.”

Well, not really. I’ve tried to make one several times and each time the cake batter over the pie winds up the consistency of pudding. I’m not sure what to do to correct this. My oven does have a convection option, I was thinking of lowering the rack so the fan blows across the top


  • Hi Andy - I have to admit I had not even heard of this before reading your post! I'd recommend using a heating core or heating rod. These are helpful when baking a cake larger than 9" in diameter or 3-4" deep and are designed to ensure that the center bakes through before the exterior is overcooked. They are made of stainless steel so provide heat conduction to the center of the cake. You just stick it in the middle and bake as usual. They are pretty inexpensive and you can order through Amazon - Ateco and Fat Daddio's both make them. I think that will help. Best, Lynn C.

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