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edited June 2019 in General

Who does the cleaning up after the show and how the hell do they do it? Your stainless cookware looks brand new, you brown meat on high heat and never get a spot of grease on the cooktop and every cutting board looks like it just arrived from the manufacturer freshly oiled!

I buy Bartender's Friend by the six-pack, scrub stainless cookware for what seems like hours and never get that new look back. If I want to brown something(even in a Dutch oven) I have to cover the cooktop in foil or there are grease spatters everywhere! I've tried mineral oil, cutting board oil from the manufacturer and beeswax on my cutting boards and they still end up with stains.

Or do you just use all new stuff for every episode? It must get expensive...

All seriousness aside, how about a video on how you clean up after a cook? I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to know.



  • For TV, we do use new stuff (although I would love to use old stuff since that is what everyone else uses). That being said, Bar Keeper's Friend does work pretty well. I do find that adding water to a skillet with stuck-on bits and simmering the water works well. Enamel cast iron will never regain it's clean white interior but then it looks like you really cook! (Staub offers dark interiors which will not discolor readily.) Cutting boards will get stains but I have now converted to wood cutting boards. Like the feel of a knife on wood and any stains are part of the charm - I use a dark wood board. Otherwise, buy plastic boards and throw in dishwasher. However, thinner plastic boards always warp and become useless. Yes, we should do a video on cleaning - good idea! Try 1 TBSP of chlorine bleach per gallon of water for sanitizing plastic boards (although the dishwasher or hot soapy water is also fine).

  • Thanks, Chris. I do the de-glazing thing routinely and it really helps but it still leaves a lot of scrubbing. I only use plastic cutting boards for raw poultry, I like the feel of knives on wood and love my maple boards.

    I guess it's like any tool: If you use it it'll look used!

    I've found that a cold oven cleaner works on stainless for those impossible-to-remove burnt on stains, I've used it on my cooktop but you have to mask off any parts that aren't stainless.

    Thanks for the info, love the show!

  • “For TV, we do use new stuff”

    So what‘s next for the “used once for TV” stuff?

  • what size is the blue Staub cocotte you use for stews (and most everything)?

  • what size is the blue Staub cocotte you use most on TV?

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