Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

We have the perfect gift for every food lover in your life.

It's simple: just combine a gift card to a Milk Street Cooking School event with a cookbook, tool or ingredient that's featured in the class. They get new skills and knowledge and something beautiful to unwrap. Plus, until December 31, you'll get 10% off all gift cards with code HOLIDAY23.

Need ideas? Check out our suggestions below for bakers, explorers, DIYers, time-savers and more.

Gift cards are valid for virtual and in-person classes at the Milk Street Cooking School. Gift cards will not apply to Milk Street Store purchases or products sold by outside vendors. These items must be purchased separately through our store or the outside vendor.

Wondering what denomination to purchase? Each of our livestream classes is $29.95 per device, while small group workshops are $69.95 apiece. Three-part intensives are $249.95 per attendee.

Purchase gift cards here and don't forget to use code HOLIDAY23 for 10% off!


Three sessions. Six weeks. A group of just 25 students. That's all it takes to make great sourdough bread at home. Treat the aspiring baker in your life to a gift card to our sourdough Intensive with Elaine Boddy and some must-have sourdough baking tools.

If they prefer great bread with almost none of the fuss, then focaccia is just the thing. Combine a gift card for our January 25 focaccia deep-dive with our favorite proofer.

Need something for a pizza fanatic? We have it. With a gift card to our January 11 class, they'll learn to make a truly great pizza crust and top it with a no-fuss pizza sauce, plus a stunning drizzle of homemade pesto.


In January, the Milk Street Cooking School is going to Vietnam, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Japan, Chile and Mexico--without ever leaving our kitchens. Give the traveler in your life the power to choose with a gift card that unlocks the world.

For a gift that keeps on giving, combine a gift card with the teacher's cookbook, like Andrea Nguyen's "Ever-Green Vietnamese," Emiko Davies' "Gohan" or Sandra Gutierrez's "Latinísimo."


For those people who want to do everything - and we mean everything - from scratch, we have just the thing. Let them learn to infuse their own extracts, craft their own spice blends, ferment their own soy sauce and make their own truffles. With a gift card, they get to decide how to expand their skills.

Want something to wrap? Pair your gift card with a vanilla extract kit, a set of spices, or an inspirational box of chocolates.


There’s no greater gift you can give than time—and when you are confident in the kitchen, you save time without sacrificing flavor. For busy friends, recent grads, new parents and anyone who loves efficiency, we have just the thing, whether it’s the magic of microwave cooking, the transformative power of good knife skills or the real secret to 15-minute meals.

Save them even more time by giving them our favorite microwave dishes, an all-purpose prep knife or Ali Rosen’s new cookbook, “15 Minute Meals: Truly Quick Recipes that Don’t Taste like Shortcuts.”