November-December 2021 | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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November-December 2021

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Swedish Cardamom Buns

Swedish Cardamom Buns

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Small Bites from Milk Street

Recipe: Cilantro Mashed Potatoes with Turmeric Tarka

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes with Hummus, Tahini and Za’atar

Recipe: Mashed Potatoes with Yogurt, Lemon and Mint


Red Chili Soup with Mixed Mushrooms

Recipe: Red Chili Soup with Mixed Mushrooms


Fried Almonds, Cinnamon and Pepper Transform Squash

Recipe: Winter Squash with Raisins, Almonds and Caramelized Onions


Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Sesame

Recipe: Japanese-Style Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Sesame


Emilia-Romagna’s Sunday Soup

Recipe: Italian Bean Soup with Fresh Pasta


The Power of Sour

Recipe: Slow-Roasted Pork with Sauerkraut, Apples and Dried Fruits


Goa’s Answer to Stir-Fry

Recipe: Goan-Style Chili-Fry with Beef, Tomatoes and Potatoes


Green Enchiladas with Chicken and Cheese

Recipe: Green Enchiladas with Chicken and Cheese (Enchiladas Verdes)


In Venice, Parmesan, Radicchio and Walnuts Marry to Create the Perfect Pasta

Recipe: Pasta with Radicchio, Walnuts and Black Pepper


The New/Old World of Traybakes

Recipe: Lebanese Baked Kafta with Potatoes and Tomatoes


Forget Everything You Think You Know About Banana Bread

Recipe: Liberian Banana-Rice Bread


For Fuller Flavor, Char Your Carrots

Recipe: Yogurt-Roasted Carrots with Warm Spices


The World’s Best Cheesecake Is From Mexico City

Recipe: Triple Crème Cheesecake with Guava Sauce


Orange-Cranberry Soda Bread with White Chocolate Chunks

Recipe: Orange-Cranberry Soda Bread with White Chocolate Chunks


Chocolate-Cherry Biscotti

Recipe: Chocolate Biscotti with Pistachios, Almonds and Dried Cherries


Sour Grapes Make Great Salads

Recipe: Escarole Salad with Charred Grapes, Apples and Blue Cheese

Editor’s Note

La Cacio e Pepe di Luciano Monosilio

Here at Milk Street, we’ve received a handful of queries about our recipe for cacio e pepe. Like carbonara and Alfredo, these silky-smooth cheesy sauces often have a problem—the cheese does not melt properly (it gets grainy) or the sauce starts to break (it gets greasy) after just a couple of minutes.

So we dug deep. We investigated the temperature at which cheese melts, the age and provenance of the cheese, and whether some sort of starch is helpful in emulsifying...

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