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Welcome to Virtual Private Events at the Milk Street Cooking School. Whether you and your guests are cooking rookies or expert home chefs, our events are designed to facilitate learning, team building and fun for groups of all sizes. In every class, we focus on key techniques and principles that apply beyond the recipes we're making that day.

Our Zoom-based private classes are 60 to 90 minutes long and feature classes that are customized for your interests and dietary needs. Whether it’s a small group of friends or your entire company, our classes are a fun, informative and delicious way to spend time together. Here’s how it works:

  • Classes are taught by Milk Street’s team of culinary instructors, or we can coordinate private events with guest instructors from all over the world.
  • Before class, attendees receive a list of ingredients and tools that they’ll need to cook along, if they wish.
  • Though we can’t send full ingredient kits to attendees, we do offer a special discount to event organizers who would like to send particular ingredients from the Milk Street Store.
  • Attendees can interact with each other and with the instructors during class, getting their questions answered in real time.

Pricing is variable dependent on group size. For inquiries and more information, email us at


“Everyone that participated in the class loved it ! The class was well organized, professional and the meal delicious and extremely well received by the family members who consumed it.”
— Maris P. (virtual private event)

“I totally enjoy all of Milk Street’s classes. I find them informative and I always learn some new aspect, trick or technique to make my cooking better, tastier and easier.”
— Kathleen V. (virtual public event)

“I really enjoy the mission, vibe and style at Milk Street. I had attended a hands-on class with my husband, [and] we had such a wonderful experience I was eager to go back. It came to me to suggest it to a group of lady institutional traders who meet every year after the bustle of the holidays. We had our event this week, there were 30 of us; and we had a blast. The flow worked perfectly. We were able to catch up and reconnect with each other, but then we watched a cooking demonstration which was so interesting. Every little thing they do from the choice of ingredients, to the flavors they pair together, to the cookware they use is so well thought out and purposeful. I can confidently say that everyone of us learned something. And the meal they served us was so delicious, and well balanced, and healthful. We loved it.”
Stephanie Minister, 2018 President of the Boston Securities Traders Association (in-person private event)

“Jacqueline and the team at Milk Street are knowledgeable and engaging. They bring the art of cooking to their events through an authentic, creative and approachable menu immersed in an energetic venue. It is truly a unique experience and some of the best client engagements we have ever hosted.”
Amy Lalezari, Director of Client Services at Environments at Work (in-person private event)


For more information about our private events, please contact April Dodd at

Your generous support helps fund our nonprofit classes for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester and the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. Thank you.