The Ace of Cakes: Duff Goldman Bakes Up The Hogwarts Express | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 304
February 1, 2019

The Ace of Cakes: Duff Goldman Bakes Up The Hogwarts Express

The Ace of Cakes: Duff Goldman Bakes Up The Hogwarts Express

Former graffiti artist Duff Goldman bakes cakes in the shape of everything from Radio City Music Hall to old sneakers. Plus we explore Korean home cooking with chef Sohui Kim, and J. Kenji López-Alt investigates the science of no-knead bread.

Questions in this Episode:

“For better or worse, I store sandwich bread in the freezer. When I take it out, there is often quite a bit of ice crystals inside of the bag. I always figured that this ice is from the humidity of the bread, so I usually leave it in the bag. Thawing the bread, this ice melts and goes back into the bread. As you can imagine, sometimes this makes the bread soggy. But I also think that if I empty the ice out of the bag, the bread ends up dry. Is there a better middle ground?”

“I have a question about Frankfurt Green sauce. We’ve been able to find recipes for it but the herbs like borage we can’t find in the states and I’m wondering if you might know of a source?”

“We love blueberries and love the idea of blueberry smoothies. But every time, the mixture gels and the texture is awful. It doesn't happen with other fruit. It seems like it starts to gel before you can even pour it from the pitcher. The questions: Why? And what can we do about it?”

“How do you substitute olive oil for butter in baked goods?”

“We have a very well-established tabasco pepper plant that came with the house we bought a year and a half ago. Every fall it produces a few pounds of those small, incredibly hot peppers. We have been looking for ways to make use of them without much success, as most recipes don't call for peppers that are both that small and that hot, other than making hot sauce with vinegar. Do you have any suggestions for cooking with them either when they are fresh or after we've dried them in the oven?”

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The Ace of Cakes: Duff Goldman Bakes Up The Hogwarts Express