Good Morning Vietnam (Rerun) | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 101
December 3, 2016
Originally aired on October 22, 2016

Good Morning Vietnam (Rerun)

Good Morning Vietnam (Rerun)

This week on Milk Street Radio, we take a look inside the Vietnamese kitchen and talk to Andrea Nguyen about everything from breakfast banh mi to “kheo.” “I think authenticity comes from the ability to cook well and to cook with intent,” Nguyen says. “We describe good cooking, thoughtful cooking, as cooking that is kheo.” Also on this week’s show: Dr. Aaron Carroll questions the necessity of breakfast; Milk Street rethinks scrambled eggs; we visit a thriving Syrian refugee camp bakery; Sara Moulton and Christopher Kimball take your calls; and we talk about carbon-steel pans, an alternative to nonstick.

Good Morning Vietnam