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Episode 337
December 25, 2020
Originally aired on December 13, 2019

Meet Maangchi: The Korean Julia Child

Meet Maangchi: The Korean Julia Child

Many of us still miss Julia Child, but YouTube star Maangchi is an excellent substitute. Today, we discuss Korean home cooking, the best way to clean an octopus and her favorite food, the sea squirt. Plus, we discover what and how ancient Minoans cooked; Alex Aïnouz wonders if we should all have a 3D printer in our kitchens; and we share our recipe for Savory Bread Pudding.

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Questions in this Episode:

What’s the best way to cook bacon?

I was listening to a recent podcast. You talked about making pizza dough several days in advance and the benefits therein. I was wondering—is there any advantage to making other doughs (challah on Friday, in particular) ahead of time?

The meringue on my pavlovas turn out inconsistent. Do you have any insight as to why?

I have some delicious broth left from steaming clams. What are some good uses for it other than clam chowder?

I am looking for a good authentic falafel recipe using dried chickpeas, not canned. Can you help?

I have a favorite hot sauce I’ve only seen at a Mexican taqueria here in Savannah, GA. It’s bright green, jalapeno-based, and creamy smooth with medium to high heat. I am trying to reverse engineer it to make at home. I asked one of the cooks at the taqueria about the recipe, assuming it had dairy to make it creamy, but he said that the jalapeño peppers are cooked in oil and then puréed — a process I know as “confit” but have never attempted. I want to know more about how to confit jalapeños to make this sauce plus how to season it.

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