The Science of Taste: Nik Sharma’s Flavor Equation | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 432
October 23, 2020

The Science of Taste: Nik Sharma’s Flavor Equation

The Science of Taste: Nik Sharma’s Flavor Equation

We get a lesson in the science of flavor from Nik Sharma. He explains why he might consider fat to be its own flavor—just like sweet, sour, salty and bitter—and reveals the chemistry behind some of his best recipes, like spareribs in malt vinegar. Plus, Kim Severson explains how the pandemic has changed the way we shop for food; Dan Pashman reflects on 10 years at The Sporkful; and we make Austrian Goulash.

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Questions in this Episode:

“I need help finding ways and recipes for using an abundance of hot banana peppers, jalapeños, and poblano peppers. I am at a particular loss for how to use the hot banana peppers. Any suggestions or recipes for cooking or preserving/freezing would be appreciated."

"I love making tahini and hummus. The texture is nice and smooth when I make them fresh, but after a night in the fridge they seize and turn hard like concrete. Hummus that I order in from a restaurant doesn't do this, it's still silky the next day. What can I do to make it last better? What are they doing that I'm not?"

"I am interested in making a savory steamed Corn bread (in the style of Boston brown bread). I have searched and found no reference as yet. Comments? Ideas? Suggestions?"

"Years ago I had an incredible biscuit experience with a homemade mix for drop biscuits. But, sometimes I want a rolled biscuit. Is there something I can do to convert my drop biscuit recipe to a rolled biscuit recipe"

"Pulled pork in the Crockpot or Instant Pot is inconsistent. I typically buy a pork loin and let it cook for 6-8 hours with onion, garlic, broth and sometimes apricot jam. Can you recommend what cut I should be using to get pull-apart pork?"

Nik Sharma the Flavor Equation