Pickled Watermelon and Pigs' Ears: Ukraine’s Summer Kitchens | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 424
August 14, 2020

Pickled Watermelon and Pigs' Ears: Ukraine’s Summer Kitchens

Pickled Watermelon and Pigs' Ears: Ukraine’s Summer Kitchens

We travel to the summer kitchens of Ukraine with Olia Hercules. She explains how to pickle a watermelon, the history of borscht and why pigs' ears are so deliciously crunchy. Plus, we meet NASA rocket scientist and whole-hog pitmaster Dr. Howard Conyers; Dan Pashman tells us how to achieve snacking perfection at the beach; and we share a recipe for Taiwanese Grilled Corn.

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Questions in this Episode:

My scallion pancakes taste good but the texture is off. They are golden brown and crispy on the outside but the inside is mushy. Any help to get crispy dry scallion pancakes from top to bottom?

I make a brown sugar-based seasoning rub (usually for the smoked items I cook) and it tends to clump. The question I have is, is there an item or another product I can put into the seasoning that will not have it clump but will also not change the flavor?

I have been backpacking as a way to get outside. The main issue is that I completely dislike backpacking foods that I have seen a lot of people recommend and I can only eat so much couscous. Can you recommend any types of food that are light, easy to cook in a pot or on the fire, that taste great, and are fairly calorie-dense?

Through the years growing up, my Mom made what she called “plum pudding”—no plums involved. More like a steamed Christmas molded pudding. My question is her recipe calls for suet for shortening, which is impossible to find in this day and age. I don’t know what to use as a replacement.

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