The Life and Death of Gourmet: Ruth Reichl Tells All | Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street

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Episode 315
May 17, 2019

The Life and Death of Gourmet: Ruth Reichl Tells All

The Life and Death of Gourmet: Ruth Reichl Tells All

We chat with Ruth Reichl about the glory days and final days of Gourmet magazine. Plus, Egyptian street food in Berlin; Alex Aïnouz's hotel room cooking hacks; and Mini Almond Cakes with Spiced Chocolate.

Questions in this Episode:

“My question is about recipes that call for fresh mint. But all mints are not the same. I have many varieties of mint growing in my herb garden. I can fine tune my mint choice down once I know if I am starting with a peppermint or spearmint flavor.”

“I have a question about popovers. I was wondering if you can tell me what the secret is to get them not to deflate after I take them out of the oven.”

“If I take a standard recipe to braise a rack of pork or beef ribs in an oven at a low temperature until soft, then how do I multiply that recipe for 4 racks in the same oven?”

“When I was growing up my grandmother and mother frequently took me to a restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens where I always ordered waffles. The waffles had a tangy sharp taste that I’ve been searching for. I’ve tried yeast waffles, malt waffles, and buttermilk waffles. I’m out of ideas. Do you have any suggestions?”

“I LOVE ice cream, but it doesn't love me. I would love to find a dairy-free ice cream recipe that doesn't rely on coconut milk.”

This episode is sponsored by King Arthur Flour.

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