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Episode 301
January 4, 2019

The Mystery of the $13,500 Melon

The Mystery of the $13,500 Melon

Why Tokyo shoppers spend a fortune on fruits as gifts. Plus, the truth about dietary supplements; a food tour of Lisbon; Spanish tortillas at home; and how to mellow onions.

Questions in this Episode:

“I’m looking for a safe and reliable way to make a century egg at home. I’ve seen a few variations online with mixed results. Any suggestions?”

“I am not eating any grain—wheat, oats, or barley. I loved grilled cheese so I miss having a grilled cheese sandwich. Is there any kind of gluten-free bread I can buy or flour I can buy to make my own bread?”

"I have a question about a hazelnut torte that I recently had in Germany. How can I make it, specifically the chocolate crust that went around it?”

"I’ve never used sake in cooking before and was wondering if you could offer some guidance. Any particular brands you recommend? Can I use the ‘cooking sake’ available in grocery stores or should I use ‘real’ sake?”

"Is there a reasonable defense for leaving the tails on shrimp? It annoys the heck out of me. Am I missing something?”

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