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Episode 435
November 20, 2020

The Thanksgiving Show

The Thanksgiving Show

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with friends old and new. Andrea Nguyen shares her family traditions, inspired by the Vietnamese Moon Festival; pie experts Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin put a new spin on classic desserts; Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette give us a language lesson on Thanksgiving Day; Rachael Ray, Maneet Chauhan, Maangchi, David Lebovitz and more chefs, authors and friends recount their Thanksgiving tales of disaster, culinary wisdom and family memories; and Dan Pashman breaks down the pros and cons of hosting a virtual Thanksgiving.

This episode is brought to you by Master Class, King Arthur Baking, and KiwiCo.

Questions in this Episode:

”I usually host Thanksgiving, but I never know what wine to serve (or wines, actually, since it is often the longest meal of the year), so usually end up serving champagne. I would love some advice in this area.”

”I typically purchase a locally raised turkey and brine it. I love the resulting flesh, but I have a problem with the saltiness of the drippings that I use for the gravy. Do you have a suggestion for keeping the gravy at a more palatable level of saltiness?”

“I am making grandma's rhubarb custard pie. The filling is perfect, but the pie crust sticks to the bottom of the pan. The recipe doesn't say to prebake the crust but I think the filling is too wet for the unbaked crust. Any suggestions?”

“Our family cranberry sauce recipe doesn’t work anymore. It stopped gelling about 3 years ago. Can you help me get back a cranberry sauce recipe that gels?”

Tea-Rubbed Maple Turkey Story
JUNE 2022

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