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Australian Oat-Coconut Cookies (Anzac Biscuits)

24 cookies

30 minutes

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Toasting the coconut and the oats deepened the flavor of the biscuits. Honey and dark brown sugar stood in for traditional golden syrup. Be sure to have all the ingredients measured beforehand; it’s important to combine everything as soon as possible after the baking soda has been incorporated into the wet ingredients. Underbaking the cookies gave them chewy centers. An oiled 1 tablespoon measuring spoon helped portion out the cookies.




Don’t roll these cookies into balls. It will knock the air out of them and result in a dense cookie.

30 minutes


  • 100

    grams (1¼ cups) old-fashioned rolled oats

  • 98

    grams (1¼ cups) unsweetened shredded coconut


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Frances O.
March 6, 2024
A fundamental misunderstanding of ANZAC biscuits
I'm a white Australian, so it's not every day that I get to be on this side of the foreign-culture-makes-a-hash-of-native-cuisine scenario. Three stars for effort, and for making me laugh
Annie W.

I made these for the first time this afternoon. The texture is perfect but I found that the orange flavor overwhelmed the coconut and oatmeal (even though they're toasted their flavor hardly comes through). If I make these again, I'll use maybe 1/4 tsp of zest instead of the 1 tsp the recipe calls for.

Lynne Z.

Tasty, not sweet. Had to make a few adjustments due to this being a Covid project. Used light brown sugar, ground up coconut flakes and quick oats (all I could get)and no orange zest. I think the would be perfect with the correct ingredients. An upgraded oatmeal cookie. Different and worth making.

Armie L.

I made these last night. The taste and texture were really good. However, I'm not sure why it flattened though I followed every step and ingredients? The cookies looked like chocolate chip cookies--flat and quite huge ~2.5" diameter. In the picture here it's like a half ball of ~1" diameter, a lot different than what mine turned out. When I put these in the oven, it looked like in the pictures here, but after baking, it suddenly flattened out. Any idea why?

Thomas F.

I had the same result. I note that I did make two mistakes, one avoidable and one not. I didn’t have a non-stick spatula, so I stirred the butter-coffee mixture with a spoon and felt it may not have gotten combined well enough. I also forgot to oil the tablespoon, so the dough may not have held together as well as it should have. Also turned the coffee mixture up to medium-high as I felt it was never going to boil at medium-low. But you’re right, still not exactly sure why they flattened out.

Lynn S.

I made these for my Australian son-in-law along with another recipe and he said the other recipe was more "much" authentic. The Americans enjoyed the other recipe better as well. We all found the coffee taste in the Mik Street recipe too strong. The other recipe used golden syrup, as is traditional in Anzac cookies. With all the crazy ingredients Milk Street often calls for, I wonder why they opted to develop a recipe using a substitute for Golden Syrup, as it is pretty easy to find these days.