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Austrian Beef Stew with Paprika and Caraway (Rindsgulasch)

4 to 6 Servings

4 hours 30 minutes active

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This simple stew, inspired in part by classic Austrian versions of goulash and in part by Kurt Gutenbrunner’s recipe in “Neue Cuisine,” derives much of its bold flavor and rich color from sweet and hot paprika, so make sure the paprika you use is fresh and fragrant. For the deepest, earthiest flavor, we recommend seeking out true Hungarian paprika; we use a combination of sweet and hot to achieve just the right degree of spice. Serve with egg noodles, Spätzle or mashed potatoes.

4 to 6



Don't be shy about trimming the chuck roast; removing as much fat as possible before cooking prevents the stew from being extra-greasy. In our experience, the roast usually loses about 1 pound with trimming. Also, don't cut the beef into pieces smaller than 1½ inches or the meat will overcook.

4 hours

30 minutes active


  • 5

    pounds boneless beef chuck roast, trimmed, cut into 1½-inch pieces, patted dry

  • 6

    tablespoons Hungarian sweet paprika, divided


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Bethany S.
April 12, 2024
This is what brought me to Milk Street
We saw this recipe on an episode and it had me hooked. Flavors are great and smells absolutely delicious while cooking. It takes time, so prepare accordingly.. we usually make this on a weekend. Pairs great with egg noodles and a cucumber dill salad or German potato salad.
Malcolm G.
October 8, 2023
This is a go to dish for me. The flavor is bold yet nuanced. I disagree with many who say it requires more liquid. The slight darkening of the sauce just concentrates the flavors.
Cathy B.
March 22, 2023
One of my favorites, but needs 1 adjustment
This is just fantastic, period, but 2 cups of stock is not quite enough. You will need closer to 3, or else it dries out too much during the uncovered oven bake. Adding more stock at the very end when it's too dry is not ideal, so just use more when adding the stock in the first place.
Larry H.
March 11, 2023
Great goulash
I had to pretty much 1/2 everything but worked out fine, the hot Paprika in this volume isn't very hot but has a very Cayenne like flavor which I don't like but most of the world does so please take this with a grain of salt, I really like the flavor from the sweat Paprika and will definitely do this again. I might just try a different kind of power to make it hot.
Deborah R.
November 9, 2022
Very Good
I like this recipe a lot. But, it needed a lot more liquid than what the recipe calls for. I also adjusted the temperature down to about 310 Fahrenheit.
Gary S.

Make this. the recipe is perfect. It's delicious!!!

Irene H.

Followed this recipe..and instead of baking in a Dutch oven.....used the instant pot....used the stew function, pressure cook for 35 minutes and let it natural depressurize for another 30 minutes...turned out to be seriously delicious ....very adaptable to the FAST and SLOW methods

Cynthia T.

i made this recipe the other night following the listed ingredients. I cut back the paprika to 4 T and used just a little cayenne instead of hot paprika. Although it was very tasty, I will not make it again. this recipe with the huge amount of paprika gave my husband and myself the worst indigestion ever that lasted for two days. I think they need to modify these measurements. I am not a person who usually gets affected by indigestion.

Jeffrey B.

It is interesting reading critiques of recipes that you have modified. I've made this recipe as directed with the amounts of sweet and hot paprika specified many times and have never had an issue. Even the hottest of hot paprikas is about 25% as hot as cayenne.

Katherine K.

Thank you for your comment! Your comment is currently under moderation and will appear shortly.

Patricia E.

Decided to make a big batch and started with 7 lbs of trimmed chuck. I more or less doubled the rest of the ingredients. Sauce gets thick and but I probably spent more time skimming fat than cooking. The butcher did the cutting and it looked pretty well-trimmed to me. One really really to trim this extra carefully. Otherwise, flavor was good but I wish I added a little more vinegar to balance it out. Felt like the dill got lost. Maybe need to increase that.

Larry F.

Wow, this was super easy and packed with flavor! I watched the video and followed the recipe. I didn't make any changes. I recommend following the Milk Street method of using a dutch oven, I think the slower dutch oven cook is key to building the rich flavor. Honestly, I don't think it would have as been as good had I cooked this in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. So if you have the time, don't rush it, use a dutch oven. I severed this over Farfalle pasta because we had some in the pantry, but wide egg noodles would be just as good. Thank you Milk Street for another great dinner.

Jeffrey B.

One of two "go-to" beef stew recipes I now use. Delicious and easy--while the braise takes awhile, actual hands on cooking time is minimal.